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Brand Licensing

Rare Tech Projects has pioneered in bringing many brands from various countries into the Indian Market. These brands are in the field of Food & Beverages, Home appliances, and cosmetics/ perfumery.

We help market-leading companies to achieve significant growth through the acquisition of licenses and the procurement of distribution and brand acquisition agreements for world-class brands.

Our in-depth market knowledge and industry experience provides each client with innovative licensing programs that resonate with consumers, enhance the brand image of our clients, and generate significant revenue.

We have created, analyzed, and successfully executed many brand licensing plans and strategies for a wide-range of clients across various categories and industries. With our clients every step of the way, from identifying partners to delivering signed agreements and beyond, we provide a streamlined yet comprehensive, collaborative, and consensus-building approach that maximizes the power of your alliance.

Our goal is to help brand owners, manufacturers and retailers alike, simplify the ever-changing and increasingly competitive world of brand licensing.