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Welcome to Rare Tech

Rare Tech is one of India’s leading consulting firms with 28 years of excellence in strategy and management Consulting. We serve clients across India, Europe and Africa. We are a dynamic group of 15+ professionals led by Mr. Sandeep Chadha (MD) who has been with firm since inception, making it the India’s boutique consulting practice. We have offices in Delhi, Pune & Ghana.

We are positioned as an ‘Implementation focused’ consulting firm partnering with several clients in realizing proposed solutions– thereby developing long term relationships with clients.

Our sector expertise spans Precious metals (Gold Refineries); Mechanical Engineering, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals, Consumer Goods and Retail, Infrastructure, Engineering, Metals, Building Industry (including Ceramics & Stone sector) and Healthcare.

Latest Updates !

Our consulting services comprise four key areas:

India Strategies

Indian economy is witnessing unprecedented levels of economic expansion. This has increased focus on Indian sub-continent by International companies who are planning to enter the Indian market. And this is where Rare Tech comes into play by assisting its clients in making a successful entry into the Indian market with minimal risks. This may be in the form of wholly owned subsidiaries, JV and strategic alliance routes. 

M & A and Joint Strategies

  •  Identifying an Opportunity
  • Identification of international partners/ targets Identify target companies that operate in these markets
  • Rank order acquisition targets by attractiveness, affordability and availability
  • Quantify the combination benefits and synergies i.e. acquisition value potential


Partner Search

Partner search is one of the most important and careful steps to be taken. The strategic partnerships is a route gaining prominence as it enables organizations to leverage each other’s skill sets, capabilities and market reach. However, companies need to be extremely critical when identifying and short-listing potential partners, in order to create a value-accretive partnership.

Market Entry Penetration Strategies

The market penetration is used when business seeks to increase sales growth of its existing product or services into the existing market in order to gain increase in their market share. We assist in revamping or modifying the product/services able to sell them in a saturated and highly competitive market. Market penetration strategy is needed when you are looking at the market expansion grid.

Special Project

  1. Strategy: Our DNA is to bring a strategy-oriented approach to all our engagements. We have extensive credentials in Corporate Strategy, Business Unit Strategy, Product and Channel Strategy as well as Sales and Distribution.
  2. Industrial Projects: Implementing complete projects from SCRATCH to PRODUCTION (technology sourcing, architectural support – outsourced, BOQ for a tender call, PMC role to oversee the construction, integration of IT, Security and production processes.
  3. Transformation: Our approach to Transformation ensures alignment between goals, strategy, people and production processes – we have done a fair amount of work in Organizational Design, Process & Production Improvement, Balanced Scorecard implementation, Digital Transformation, Security of production units and various industrial transformation as per country specific requirements.
  4. Transactions:Our transaction practice covers services across the entire spectrum of a deal from origination to exit. Our core areas are Strategic Due Diligence & legal support (outsourced), Acquisition Search, Synergy Evaluation, Post Acquisition Planning, Divestment Strategy.

Customer centricity, collaboration, deep expertise and implementable solutions are at the heart of all our work and we pride ourselves in delivering value several times our fees.