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Complete turnkey installation & solution for setting up Gold Refineries. The key features of our consultancy is as follows:
a. Complete plant & machinery (including start-up) has been selected, shortlisted by us from European and Asian vendors.

b. Specialized Architects for the project construction with a team who has also done the PAMP (Switzerland project in India).
This also includes making a project construction BOQ and selection of vendors for construction of the factory.

c. Security System has also been selected and integrated for the control of high value inventory and finished goods.

e. Personnel specializing in gold refinery is not easy to identify. We have also assisted the client
in selecting qualified and experienced manpower for the various processes in the GOLD REFINERY. We have also taken people from world renowned MMTC/PAMP refinery.

f. We are also apparently assisted the client in raw material sourcing from various parts of the world and getting LBMA certification .